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Regimental Headquarters The Parachute Regiment – Regimental Welfare and Transition

The Regimental Welfare and Transition team in RHQ PARA consists of a Regimental Welfare Officer and Regimental Welfare Cell Manager. We work in support of the Battalion and Unit Welfare Officers in providing assistance when required to those still serving. We have a role in ensuring the successful transition of those soldiers who are Wounded, Injured and Sick (WIS) in support of Personnel Recovery Units (PRUs) and the Battalions, in line with current policy from the Army Recovery Capability (ARC). RHQ sources and provides additional funding to that available from the MOD to assist WIS personnel settle into civilian life. This includes a full assessment, known as HARDFACTS, vocational assessment, training, education and placement support.

RHQ also supports those who are being medically discharged through the RECU process and may not be able to access the same statutory provision as those who are WIS. The Regiment aims to ensure that all medically discharged personnel leave the Army with the same opportunities for success, appropriate to aspirations, injury or illness and employment availability.

Wider welfare support is available to all veterans of the Regiment and their dependents. The Regiment is determined to provide the very best welfare support possible to the families of those injured or killed as a result of their service and families are strongly encouraged to contact the Regimental Welfare Officer if they find they require assistance of any sort.  Regimental welfare support is provided through the two Regimental charities. These are the Airborne Forces Security Fund and Support Our Paras. The method of seeking assistance from RHQ PARA differs depending upon your circumstances. To find out more about accessing welfare provision from RHQ, please click here.

Please use the links on this site to visit the sites of the Regimental charities, the Parachute Regimental Association and the various employment and recruitment agencies we are partnered with. The jobs page provides more information about opportunities for veterans and features vacancies available from recruiters who are looking for people with the skills and motivation that soldiers and veterans possess – leadership and management, self discipline, the ability to get things done, and various technical skills. We hope you are able to make good use of the site and welcome any suggestions you may have on how to improve it.

Regimental Welfare Officer
Regimental Welfare Cell Manager

Tel: (01206) 817103  Email: rwo@parawelfare.org